For Your Home

Land Title Search$200
Residential Lease Agreement$325*
Standard LTB Residential Lease Agreement$160
Commercial Lease Agreement$595 and up
Single Family Dwellings
Purchase (mortgage not Incl)$1295
Sale (1 mortgage payout Incl)$995
Refinance – A Lender (1 mortgage payout Incl)$895
Refinance – B Lender (1 mortgage payout Incl)$1145
Title Transfer (mortgage not Incl)$595
Survivorship Application (mortgage not Incl)$595
Mortgage Discharge$495
Interim Closing (mortgage not Incl)$450
Rush (Add) (instructions received less than 5 full business days prior to closing)$450
New Home Purchase (review APS)$325*
Mortgage - A Lender$250
Mortgage - B Lender$500
Bridge Loan from $75
Share Reallocation$595
Additional Payouts (with statement of account) from $75 each
Additional Payouts (without statement of account) from $150 each

For Your Business

Business Incorporation (ON / CAN)$1150 (plus gov’t fees)
Business Incorporation (OFFSHORE)$2500 (plus gov’t fees)
Shareholders Agreement$899 (Up to 2.5 hours)
Confidentiality Agreement / NDA$245*
Services Agreement$300*
Agency Agreement$245*
Employment Contract$245*
Demand Letter $245*
Website terms of use / privacy policy $300*
Contract review / drafting$300*
Promissory Note $100 (1/2 hour)
Loan Agreement $150 (1/2 hour)
Purchase and sale Agreement $150 (1/2 hour)
Bare Trust Agreement$300*
Business (shares / assets) sale Agreement$645**
Minute Book Storage & Maintenance$345 / year
Reorganizations / Amalgamations / etc.$350 / hour
Litigation$350 / hour
Commercial Lease Agreement $645**
Eviction Notice$145 (1/2 hour)
Residential Rental Application $145 (1/2 hour)
Letter of Intent$195 (1/2 hour)
Licensing Agreement$645**
NUANS (corporate name) Search$100
Other business services$350 / hour
Legal Consultations$175 (1/2 hour)
Mediation$350 / hour

For Your Family

Family Trusts$1,500
Uncontested Divorce$1345**** (plus court filing fees)
Separation Agreement$995***
Cohabitation Agreement$695**
Prenuptial Agreement$695**
Child Travel Consent$80
Basic Will$400*
Power of Attorney / Health Care Directive$100*
Lifetime Will Storage (in a secure facility) Single $125
Lifetime Will Storage (Spousal)$150
Henson Trust$495
Insurance Trust$495
Mutual Will Agreement $395
Name Change Application$400
Other Personal Services $350 / hour
Adult Adoption$1,000


Probate without a Will$1,945 (includes commissioning and filing)
Probate with a Will $1,745 (includes commissioning and filing)

Tribunals and Provincial Offences

Landlord Tenant $350 /hr
Human Rights $350 /hr
Social Benefits $350 /hr
Provincial Offences $350 /hr
MPAC Assessment Board $350 /hr
Labour Board $350 /hr
Liquor Control Board $350 /hr
Licensing Tribunal $350 /hr
Statutory Accident Benefits $350 /hr
Social Security Tribunal $350 /hr

Notary Services

Notary Stamp - Commissioner of Oath$40
Certified True Copies$25
* additional copies / pages$25

Personal Injury

Personal InjuryPlease Contact*


ImmigrationPlease Contact*

Tax Services
by Barrett Tax Law

CRA Tax Disputesfree consultation
Tax Courtfree consultation
CRA Tax Auditsfree consultation
Tax Payment Plansfree consultation
Voluntary Disclosuresfree consultation
Tax Planning free consultation

Most services can usually be done for the fixed-fees quoted above.  However, sometimes due to specific client requirements things can take longer.  So:

*           Includes up to 1 hour of lawyer / paralegal time.

**         Includes up to 2 hours of lawyer / paralegal time.

***        Includes up to 3 hours of lawyer / paralegal time.

****        Includes up to 4 hours of lawyer / paralegal time.


Additional time to be billed at $350 / hour for lawyers and $350 / hour for paralegals